As an environment sensitive hotel, Tomtom Suites takes responsibility for the efficient use of water and energy along with a recycling strategy. Our guests will see various note cards in their room about how they can support our environment-friendly practices. We seek ways to grow our sustainability practices by reducing the usage of energy, water, waste management and consumption of natural resources.

Besides accommodation services, we also develop sustainability measures for our restaurant. Beyond our commitment to serving distinctive natural and local food experiences, we encompass both functionality and creativity.


The menu of our vision is each dish's reflecting cultural experience is identified through unique food combinations, seasonings, and cooking techniques with a local green way.


Nothing cuts down on food miles like growing your own produce. While our restaurant may not be privileged enough to have land, recent years have seen many creative forays into own growing every scale, from rooftop gardens to windowsill herb pots. Consider what may be possible within the space our have available. Alternatively, we’re a partnership with a local farm.


One way to dispose of food waste without inadvertently contributing to landfills and greenhouse gas emissions is through bokashi composting, a waste disposal method that’s gaining momentum in the world of sustainability. The result of the entire process is bokashi compost that can be used as soil for potted plants or buried in the rooftop garden.

As a hotel business, we recognize our major role in protecting our planet and preserve the habitat in which we operate for next generations. For more information about our sustainability policy, contact us via

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